5th International Research Conference on Multiple Hereditary Exostoses

5th International Research Conference on MHE

The Multiple Hereditary Exostoses (MHE) Research Conference represents the only biomedical research forum that brings together dedicated physicians, scientists, and physician-scientists who study and care for MHE patients, and scientists in closely related fields, including skeletal development and growth, human genetic skeletal diseases, cancer biology, stem cell biology, mammalian and non-mammalian animal models of human diseases, and drug discovery.

Key Objectives of the Conference:

  • Provide a timely and vigorous forum for sharing the most recent and unpublished findings from major research projects related to MHE
  • Provide a forum for experts in related fields to share knowledge and provide critical input, fresh perspectives, and new ideas
  • Improve understanding of the medical and clinical complexity of MHE
  • Use all biological and biomedical insights from animal model systems and MHE human specimens to envision therapeutic approaches for treating MHE by cellular, pharmacological, or genetic means

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